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@yassisbutta This bless my skin
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@yassisbutta This is Legit! 


@bkmarie I don’t do these a lot but, when I do, it’s because I absolutely love the product! Go online and check out @yassisbutta y’all I promise you won’t be disappointed. 🧈 🧴 💦 

 @alabipilates I have been using it in my daughter’s hair everyday. I had a lot of trouble getting the hang of her hair. The texture is fine like my hair but super tight curls. I didn’t realize how much moisture she needed. Her hair got super dry and I started using the Butta and her curls have never been healthier. THANK YOU SO MUCH!
XO Caroline Alabi
I LOOOOOOOOVE YOUR BUTTER! I use it every single day and travel with it everywhere! Thank you for making it!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🤗

A couple of months ago, a wonderful customer of ours came in and urged us to try @yassisbutta. We gave it a try and we loved it so we brought it into the store. Within the first week, Yassi’s butta became the best selling product in our store and has made a lot of people smile. Why? Yassi has perfected a blend of moisturizing and essential oils that can be used on the hair, face and body. It immediately relieves any dryness without feeling greasy and can be used on every me member of the family. We like to call it the “everything butta”

Added some color and shading to my tattoo 😊⏰🍑🍊…. I only use Yassi’s Butta for healing! It’s the best!

Hi, Yassi! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Caiya’s hand looks SO GOOD! Your Butta is the ONLY thing that has worked. Not the medication her dermatologist prescribed…nothing.

You saved her hand. 🙏🏼❤️🙏🏼❤️

@nursing.with.aleena ❤️💛❤️💛
Yassi’s Butta is my favorite moisturizer/salve I’ve ever tried! It is incredibly replenishing and soothing to the skin and makes me glow all day long. As someone who works in a hospital and is washing their hands every minute, being able to use this stuff after a shift is like a quick spa trip. It completely replenishes the skin from being stripped all day and heals it from dryness and cracking. I also LOVE using it post shave to prevent razor bumps and get the silkiest skin without being afraid of it harming my sensitive areas! The natural scents from the essential oils are refreshing, calming, and luxurious.  Its texture and absorbency is unlike anything else you’ve likely tried—it’s such a unique and effective product.  I’ve used this salve for years and I will always hype it up!
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Heidi G (70’s Caucasian female)
I’m a mother of four and a grandmother of 6 and have been using Yassi’s all organic Butta for some time.
I had extreme rashes on my face and body.
Only prescribed creams helped for a period of time.
Reading about Yassi’s Butta, I gave it a try.

No more rashes🙏
I now use it on my whole body with great results.

I highly recommend it.

Nina F (mid 40’s Bi-racial female)
I use this everyday on my face. Sometimes as a treat I use it all over my whole body. I get asked all the time what do I use in my skin? I’m a 48 year old bi-racial woman with sensitive skin and this stuff is gold:)

Pam L (50, Caucasian female) -I love to use Yassi's Butta on my hands and feet. I have extremely dry skin and it helps to keep it soft and moisturized!

Silvana D (50, Hispanic/Italian female)
I was lucky enough to try the butta in its infancy. I fell in love with it. My skin was ashy and my elbows were gray so I was up for trying anything that would help. I used it right out of the shower then towel dried it off. Needless to say, it worked! As the years have gone by the butta has much improved. The beautiful aroma is a plus and the salve/balm is silky smooth. I cant live without it. I use it at night on my face and have applied it to wet hair as well as my feet. An all around excellent product!!! My 14 year old boy man also uses it as deodorant and he smells so good. That is a true miracle!

Katie M (40s, Caucasian female)
I am officially hooked on Yassie Butta! I was first introduced to this product from a friend giving it to me as a gift and have become a regular customer ever since. I even recently bought an extra 10 jars to give them as gifts. As a massage therapist and lover of all things natural, I am really picky about anything that has a synthetic fake smell or added chemicals. This is made of all organic ingredients with a hint of essential oils that leaves my skin feeling soft and smellIng good. I even use it as a massage oil and my clients love that does not leave them feeling greasy. I use it on my face, body and I actually use it as my deodorant, haha! And if your kids have thick hair like mine do, it’s a great for detangling! My husband uses it in his fingers when he has eczema and says it works better than any medicine out there. It’s also perfect for the minimalist who wants to replace a bunch of products for one. I highly recommend getting hooked on Yassie Butta!


Alex D (50s, Filipino male)
As a hairstylist I’m always on the look out for new and organic products to use on my discerning clients. I often get questions from clients on what to use on dry scalp. Since I discovered Yassi’s Butta I started prescribing it to my clients with dry scalp and dandruff problem. Use prior to shampooing, apply on scalp for 20 to 30 minutes. Results are incredible! Try it! You’ll see the difference.

ALEX DIZON, Celebrity Hairstylist

Angelyna M (50s, Hispanic female)-So happy with this product. It really works y’all! I had these itchy sores on my back for months and I tried everything. Nothing worked. Then I stumbled upon Yassi’s BUTTA and started putting it on every night before bed. The sores were completely gone in two weeks. I use it now on every part of my body!

It’s smooth and feels great on the skin. Love Love Love

Pheonix G (40s Trinidadian female)
I said bye-bye to Nivea after I tried Yassi Butta! I even use it as a base under my makeup to protect my skin. This all around amazing for everything cream has revolutionized my clean-beauty journey. Hands down a game changer.

Joe P (40’s Filipino male)
I discovered Yassi Butta though my wife when she recommended I use it for my rosacea. Not only did it help with it but now I also use for oil pulling (a new form of flossing which helps with tooth decay) and as an after shave moisturizer. I continually find new use cases. It truly is my Big Fat Greek Wedding’s Windex.

Sandra M. (40s Biracial female )
Love my Butta! I use hand sanitizer so my skin gets super dry. Yassi Butta keeps my hands, face and hair perfectly moisturized. My baby Violet uses her own special Butta for her boo boos.

Matt C (50, caucasian male) Yassi's Butta has been great for my eczema on the back of my ears. Its also great for my fingers from playing guitar and my hair/cowlicks. Also fantastic for squeaky drawers and gate! :-)

Val L (40s, Hispanic Mix female)
I love Yassi’s Butta! I am a potter and my hands get very dry from working at the wheel. I am constantly washing my hands and this miracle cream keeps my hands moisturized and soft and the smell is so pleasing. I keep a tub in the studio for all the ceramicists. I have a tub at home for my family. I can’t recommend it enough!!

 Aleena G. (20s, Caucasian/Middle-Eastern Mix female)

It has skin loving organic ingredients and is fragranced with essential oils

like eucalyptus🌿 , grapefruit, lemon🍋 , lavender, and more for a uniquely refreshing and calming scent. I just truly love this stuff to moisturize drier areas on my body. You can even use it on your hair as a balm. It drowns whatever you put it on in moisture and heals. 💚 !

Holly L. (30s, Caucasian female)
Yassi’s Butta is truly amazing! You can literally use it for everything and anything! I put it in my hair once a week (or more depending on the season) as a treatment to improve dryness and shine. I use it on my cuticles daily , and it’s great for any scratches or cuts you may have. And of course it’s a lifesaver on dry skin! I’ve also incorporated this product into my facial beauty routine. My skin truly feels as smooth as butta!! And best of all the ingredients are all natural!
This product is a must have for everyone!

Veronica P. (40s Caucasian female)
There are many things I love about Yassi’s Butta the ingredients for one is simple and effective. The oils are extremely hydrating and the coconut oil is a natural anti- inflammatory and a barrier, protective cream, which is nothing but goodness! I am a big fan of calendula as a calming and soothing therapy and the choice of oils are complimentary to one another and beautiful aromas.

My hands which are consistently dry love this butta! I put it on at night with some gloves and it’s an overnight therapy mask for my hands! I will also add that as a cuticle treatment it rocks!

All around this product really has all the benefits for your face, body and hair needs. And if this wasn’t enough it is made with 100% pure LOVE!!!! ❤ 🙏

Melanie L- (40’s Caucasian female)

In a world of minor and major irritations. Yassi’s Butter comforts, heals and nourishes the body. Butta is the Balm


Katrina B- (40’s Caucasian female)

I love my Butta. My once constantly dry hands are no longer dry. I use it on my face, my hair, and my body. I love the smell.

As a teacher, I brought it into my classroom. My students have fallen in love, asking each day to, “please pass the Butta”. And because it’s all natural I don’t have to worry about any sensitivities.


Tulani B-(40’s African-American female)

Yassi’s Butta is all the things I love, want and need...organic, natural, and most importantly effective. The whole family uses it from “stem to stern”. If you only use one body/hair/nail/ahem...cuddle time product...this is it! - Tulani B., LA, CA

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 Tulani Bridgewater-Kowalski Woolfer Administrator/Managing Member (Business Advisory, Marketing, Moderation Content).

Anyone who knows me IRL knows I’m all about the “butters." This is where I get zealous. I use Yassi’s Butta like there's no tomorrow. Full disclosure, the creator, Yasmin Wade, is a good friend and a fellow Woolfer. As much as I love her, if it was a garbage product, I wouldn’t recommend it — ever — because I have principles. I love this stuff. It’s organic, keeps my hide moisturized from the “rooter to the tooter," as we say back home. I love it and I could actually spread it on toast. I won’t, because that’s weird, but that’s how natural it is. Love it, love her...it’s just a love fest.

 Karen H.

This product is awesome!

Linda DW

I am Caucasian, 59, this is THE BEST EVER FACE CREAM!!! My daughter 21, has had irritated skin around her eyes.... I suggested she try this cream. Viola! Skin is healed.... we are ordering more now

Thank you so much Yassi’s!!!